Friday, August 1, 2014

A Kitty and His Dream

Dreams Aren’t Just for Humans Anymore…

Meet Outside Kitty. Just like you, Outside Kitty has great dreams and aspirations of bigger and better things just like the rest of us, but things might be a bit different…and much more challenging!

While we may have dreams of getting a better job, or finding the love of our life, dreams of a cat can be MUCH more different! In fact, their dreams can be the simplest things we take for granted…like having a wonderful home.

And this is exactly what Outside Kitty seeks the most, a real home he can call his own!

Outside Kitty dreams of having a wonderful home of his very own and this begins his unique quest in a vast world! But of course, with every new and exciting quest, there come challenges and pitfalls one most overcome, and Outside Kitty is no different!

In A.J. Fontaine’s newly illustrated and wonderful story, “A Kitty and His Dream”, you will be taken along the journey with Outside Kitty and watch as he faces many challenges along his path to a new home!

In fact, one of the almost human-like challenges Outside Kitty will endure is “Kitty Jail”! But how did he end up there? Will he even make it out of “Kitty Jail” and persevere to reach his final destination of a new home?

All the answers await you in this wonderful book full of kitty adventures, all FULLY illustrated and a BLAST to read! If you love cats then you will love the wonderful adventures found in “A Kitty and His Dream”.

Join Outside Kitty now and enjoy the journey with him and find out if he finally finds that dream home he has always wanted!

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