Thursday, July 31, 2014

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This Is The Future is a novel about college, social media, relationships, and graduating with no job prospects. It’s free to download at:

We go to the place that sells massage chairs, and get confused on how to get them to start. The guy comes over and asks if we need help, and tells us how to turn them on. We sit on chairs across from one another; I almost forget to take off my shoes because it feels somehow wrong in a mall to do that.
“What does the chair feel like on your legs?” Jim asks.
“Squeezing gogurt.”
“Gogurt seems sexual.”
“Gogurt is gay yogurt.”
“Yogurt smoked weed and became gogurt.”

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Forgotten Word

Zena McGrath is a detective working for an International Police Organisation at their Dublin Office. A routine day is turned upside down when she receives a call from her boss in the New York office.

A number of Catholic Priests have died in mysterious circumstances, the latest being an Irish Priest based at the Vatican. The Vatican authorities claim the deaths are due to natural causes. Brian Evens; Zena’s Superior officer based in New York tells Zena she must fly to Rome and meet a high-ranking Vatican Priest to discuss the case.

When Zena arrives at the Vatican she is greeted by Cardinal Donatello, a mysterious figure who has responsibility for training priests in the secretive and highly dangerous art of Exorcism. He reveals to Zena that the Priests who have died were all Exorcists and takes her on a shocking visit to see a Priest who is possessed by evil spirits.

Cardinal Donatello reluctantly reveals the seriousness of the problems the Vatican is facing in the eternal battle between good and evil and Zena herself has a chilling encounter with a demonic presence. Although shocked and disturbed by what she has seen at the Vatican, Zena is persuaded by Cardinal Donatello to allow the Vatican Authorities to fight the evil in their own way and not pursue her investigation.

Zena convinces Brian Evens that there is nothing to investigate at the Vatican and prepares to return to Dublin, only to be summoned to New York when another Catholic Priest is discovered brutally murdered. Zena flies to New York with a Bible given to her by cardinal Donatello and an evil presence following her every move.

During the course of the murder investigation in New York Zena is persuaded to take part in a Satanic Ritual in order to let her see into the past and reveal the murderer of the Priest. Whilst in a trance she sees the people responsible for the crime and the shocking truth leads her back to Rome and the culprit.

Cardinal Donatello is deported to New York to stand trial for his part in the crime and during the course of the trial the whole shocking truth of the Catholic Church’s battle against evil and the extent of satanic worship is revealed to the incredulous world. Cardinal Donatello is found guilty of his crimes and the revelations spark worldwide revulsion against all forms of religion, something that Zena with her insights into the world of Satan had warned of.

Zena returns to Ireland as the overthrow of world religions gathers pace to find peace and to try and rid herself of the evil spirits that are haunting her. Her quest leads her to the Holy Land in an attempt to find God and inner peace.

The events in the Holy Land lead to a climactic and shocking finale to this tale of good against evil; the second coming of Jesus Christ.


Enter a dangerous world of high-stakes corporate espionage with Celeste, thief-for-hire. However, has she met her match in an eccentric and paranoid CEO who is deadly serious when it comes to protecting his assets?

Set in Atlanta, Ga, “Espionage” is a contemporary light BDSM tale about Celeste Lenthor, a word-class corporate spy for hire. After a job, months in the works, goes awry, Celeste wakes up trapped in an unfamiliar room, and with a fuzzy memory as to how she could have possibly ended up there. Celeste must use her wits and keep a cool head if she is to complete her job and escape from the clutches of eccentric CEO and Tech Tycoon Sheridan Morton.

This is Chapter 1 in the Espionage Episodic Serial!

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Nadia Newton

Nadia Newton is a London maid who will do whatever it takes to be free of her abusive husband. Even if this means stealing Princess Diana's Ring, assuming a new identity, and framing her husband in the process. Nadia Newton is an intricate gritty mystery with page turning suspense and high speed thrills. A combination of James Patterson's lightening fast pace with moments of Elmore Leonard's crazy sick dialogue. It's also a finely-crafted revenge story that comes of age with enough plot turns to get the reader's head spinning and wanting more.*Version*=1&*entries*=0