Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Secrets & Serpents by JJ Michael

Secrets & Serpents by JJ Michael
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Book Two of the Rankin Family Series. However, you can read this as a standalone.

Jack Rankin, betrayed by the people he once served in the high echelon of the government, is now determined to uncover the truth and exposed the deception that almost caused the death of his son, Charlie, who is in a comatose state. A non-believer in the supernatural, Jack began to have out-of-body experiences that he either has to accept or lose everything he loves.
FBI agent Lulu Li is out to prove herself to her superiors by solving a ten- year- old cold case of a missing father and daughter. The only help she has is from her deceased grandfather.
In the desert of New Mexico, Jack and Agent Li cross paths as they battle against a force that is always one step ahead of them.

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