Saturday, August 15, 2015

James Bond, The Greatest Agent of All Time

Double 0 Delicious!! --- James Bond Fans Will Salivate Over This Book!----

600 James Bond trivia questions! 500 real-world Bond locations! 200 Bond book and film trivia notes! 100 chef's notes on Bond's cuisine!

At once a work of serious scholarship, oodles of fun and a culinary tour de force, James Bond’s Cuisine: OO7’s Every Last Meal is the story of James Bond’s turbulent and indulgent relationship with the world’s finest food and drink.

OO1: All the food, drink and food production of all the James Bond novels and movies

OO2: Over 500 real-world locations with menus so fans can eat what Bond eats, where Bond eats

OO3: Hundreds of chef’s notes and “Pay attention, OO7!” tidbits of food and non-food Bond trivia

OO4: James Bond’s quips about food, and Bond’s world of bizarre eating and predatory bites

OO5: Signature meals from each film and book featuring over 30 different international cuisines

OO6: Bonus section with over 600 trivia questions

OO7: Part travelogue, part foodies journal, all action, as exciting as the Bond books and films

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