Friday, July 25, 2014

Free Book The Adventures of Samantha Rossi

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Samantha Rossi is your average single mom living in a big city. Samantha has a busy schedule, taking care of her two tween children, and their needy, neurotic little dog. One child has high functioning autism, both kids lack an indoors voice, and Samantha has a stockpile of wine in case the next big one strikes, or just for those days that her ex-husband doesn't pull through on taking the kids as planned. You might say she has an eclectic life, even according to San Francisco standards, what with her part-time jobs as a phone psychic and social media advisor. She manages to juggle it all until one fateful day a vengeful dark entity comes through with Samantha in his sights. An accidental meeting brings a mysterious handsome stranger who claims to be able to help her with the haunting. Will they be able to get to the root of the problem and stop this new frightening menace? Most importantly, will she be able to restrain herself from re-enacting a bad episode of Girls Gone Wild, the Middle aged edition with her new drool worthy crush?

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