Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Cloud Benders

THE CLOUD BENDERS is a horror-mystery novel by Ken Pomarco about the intersecting lives of naturally and unnaturally endowed misfits in a small coastal city, and the strange events that occur as a result. A faltering music producer named Evan Davies moves out of Manhattan to find an slower pace of life near the ocean, and unwittingly gets drawn into a cabal that will dictate the fate of Mankind.
In the city of Long Beach, NY, promises were made. Promises of unchecked power that could reign in the elements of Earth and beyond. Promises of bliss by blocking select memories, priceless for those tortured by unceasing guilt or trauma.
But one had to vow undying allegiance to "the project." Life was subordinate to it. It would not succeed, otherwise. Those picked formed a circle of trust to implement a plan beyond their understanding, a plan destined to alter human history.
The promises were made by an unemployed drinker named Raymond Marterra.
More accurately, they were made by the thing hiding behind Raymond Marterra.

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