Friday, October 3, 2014

The Tribulation

Summary & Description For 'The Tribulation'

In the Old Testament, Daniel is told to ‘seal up the book until the time of the End when knowledge will increase’. Did you know that we are living in that time, today? Through the works of Dr. Scott McQuate, this prophesied increase in knowledge is being brought to light and is revealing hidden truths that have been buried for millennia; and one of the most astonishing truths that has been exposed for the first time ever, is the real story of the epic event known as the Great Tribulation.

In the book of Matthew, we are told that The Great Tribulation will be the most catastrophic and chaotic event that the world has ever experienced; but the shocking truth about The Great Tribulation and the ancient secrets surrounding this event have never been known...until now.

For the first time in history, you can now learn the ancient secrets connected to the Great Tribulation that have never been revealed.

·         In this book you will learn the real meaning of the word ‘Tribulation’ that has never been exposed and what all-important truth it hides,
·         The identity of an ancient worm, spoken of in the Bible that was spliced long ago, through genetic alchemy, and its connection to your DNA,
·         What clues the Canaanites, Mayans, Sumerians, Greeks, Hebrews and others left us about this event that have been concealed,
·         The secret connection between the mysterious and misunderstood Djedd Pillar of the Egyptians and the object known as the ‘Millstone’ in the Bible that is said to destroy Babylon,
·         The truth about UFO’s and their connection to those referred to as the ‘Watchers’ in the Bible,
·         What secret event will take place that can endanger your very soul if you are caught unaware,
·         The shocking truth about a recently-discovered ancient stone hive and how it is linked to Genesis chapter two and a rose, hidden within the Bible,
·         The secret contents of the Ark of the Covenant,
·         The truth about the Great Pyramid and what secrets the Sphinx is truly hiding,
·         The true identity of a strange winged creature and her shocking alias in the Bible,
·         The real meanings of the words Matrix and Repentance and how they are inextricably linked,
·         The astonishing truth about an ancient beast known as Koong Loo that has been recently sighted in many places around the world and its connection to a royal son in the ancient texts,
·         What prophecies said to occur immediately prior to the Tribulation, unbeknownst to scholars and theologians, are happening right now and much more,
·         Including the secret connection of the Great Tribulation to a certain planet that is linked to the mysterious star known as Wormwood.

Dr. McQuate is an internationally-acclaimed author and lecturer and the information he’s discovered through many years of research and thousands of hours of exegesis is not available from any other source. Read this fascinating and highly-acclaimed work today to discover the all-important, ancient secrets about the Great Tribulation that have been hidden by the Illuminati for millennia. If there is one book you read at this late date, this needs to be that book. Grab your copy now and discover the never-before-revealed , ancient secrets surrounding this event of which no Scholar or Theologian is aware and hear the astonishing truth about the Great Tribulation that has been buried beneath the pages of the Bible, for the very first time.

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