Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Do You Know Your Friends From Your Frenemiez?

Frenemy: An enemy disguised as a friend. #urbanfiction #kindle

Dive into this mind-gripping, page-turner as a young man embarks upon a life of crime, while struggling to find his place in the world. They don't call him Truth for nothing. He is the Truth…literally. With the odds stacked against him, Truth is willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the top. He is faced with many trials throughout his young life, including the brutal death of his Mother, who taught him, "What don't kill ya, only make ya stronger".

Jazzie is an alluring beauty with a bodacious body that always got her by in life. Jazzie’a love, and loyalty to Truth is constantly tested, as she continues to struggle with her own past demons. Ultimately, she finds herself with her back against the wall, and has to choose who she’ll remain loyal to…her present or her past.

Drug money can buy you what you want, but it can’t buy loyalty. Follow along in this fresh urban fiction tale of love, lust, drugs, and betrayal.

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