Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Israel's Impossible Era

Candid interviews with Israeli founders and key players on the U.S.-Israel relations — dramatized by over 70 historic photographs of Israeli and U.S. leaders in “Kodak” moments. Discover how Americans and Israelis secretly viewed their counterparts during Israel’s Impossible Era. Survival, peace and dreams were at stake—an Israeli yearning for commitment versus American demands for respect. Shouting to negotiate. A zest for life versus “a cold, robotic approach.” “Why can’t you bend your mentality?” Israel's Impossible Era is a must-have for Jewish and Christian groups, the media, government officials, politicians and business leaders. Author Dr. Joyce Starr directed the Near East Studies Program of the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) for more than a decade. A life-long Independent, she served in both Democratic and Republican Administrations. Both biography and autobiography - this book fills a crucial gap in Israel-U.S. understanding. It's an easy read, with seldom seen photos. A perfect book for readers interested in Israel-U.S. relations.

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