Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Have you ever wondered about the great mysteries of life?

The meaning of life is the biggest, most profound question facing humanity, one we have all pondered at some point in our lives.

Some believe philosophy and pure thought are enough to make sense of the Universe in which we live. Others believe either religion or science incorporates the singular method of acquiring such knowledge. Combined with logical intuition, this book employs philosophical, scientific, metaphysical, and religious insights to answer life’s most compelling question.

It endorses an all-inclusive, happy-medium approach to the mysteries of life and the cosmos. Contrary to popular opinion, many scientific and religious views can strive together to form an interpretation of existence that works with most all beliefs and ideologies. A combination thereof may hold the true answer for all.

Universal Logic attempts to answer such questions as, “What exists outside the Universe?” “How did we get here?” “Why am I me and not you?” “What happens to my consciousness when I die?” “Does life exist elsewhere in the cosmos?” “Does time really exist?” and many more.
Some of the topics it explores include cosmology, quantum physics, consciousness, the soul, artificial intelligence, the sixth sense, future technologies, alternate dimensions, ghosts, parallel universes, aliens & UFOs, and time travel.

We all live on this planet in a mutual togetherness. People too often focus on our differences instead of what we all might have in common. Living together peacefully and embracing those differences is the key to interpreting the true meaning of life.

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