Sunday, December 28, 2014

Love Dogs? Then You'll Love This Book!

This book contains a wonderful series of stories of dogs and their guardians who are struggling with a variety of issues, such as fear and lack of communication. There is so much to be learned from our interactions with dogs, especially from the problems we have the opportunity to help them resolve. With awareness of our interactions we can see how we, the guardians in their lives, have similar problems that need adjustments in perspective and understanding to solve. These stories bring to life a way for us to apply those lessons from the sidewalk to our own lives. As you take in the story of each wonderful dog, you will come away with nuggets of wisdom and a practical approach to work on your own problems. You will be inspired to “Walk With Purpose”!
"...I am a dog walker. Not as glamorous a title as a behaviorist, or pet whisperer, or even groomer. I walk with problem dogs. Dogs that need a little extra sympathy, or patience, or that just don’t quite fit in with others. My goal is not psychology or beautification or teaching key words. My goal is understanding; finding a way to work together in a mutually beneficial relationship. I seek open communication the finds both ends of the leash. I do not pretend to be an alpha dog – I am human after all, not canine! - But I believe I can still provide leadership and guidance. I also believe I can learn something about myself from every dog. Perhaps a better title for me would be ‘one who walks with dogs’..."

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