Sunday, December 21, 2014

How to Get Over Your Ex is FREE today!

Free Today!
I bet your friends have plenty of advice on how to get over your ex! The question is which advice should you take? Or do you just wish to think it out for yourself? Wouldn't it be great if someone could offer you professional help?

This book is the closest thing you are going to get to that all-important help - a manual of tried and tested techniques to help you get back to “a happier place” and moving on from a broken heart.

Imagine unlimited hours on a counselor's couch gently sifting through the rubble of your love life. Taking it at your own pace, only opening the doors of your mind you felt you could open. Carefully separating your shattered dreams from torn realities and gradually putting your life back together.

The tools used in this book are not mysterious sources of wizardry. They are simply logical ways of examining thought pathways. Taking the emotion out of situations enables you to hold your relationship up to the light and to examine it from new angles. Letting go of your love life can be crippling, but with a little help it can become easier.
Eric Berrenson is a Marriage and Family Therapist and Life Coach living in California with his wife and two boys. His book, How to Get Over Your Ex: Finding Your Path to Heal, Build Confidence and Move On After a Breakup, gently works through the stages of how to get over a breakup. The book not only forces a reality check (kindly), but also prepares the reader for the inevitable process of moving on after a breakup.

Constructive exercises enable the reader to separate the tricks the love hormones are playing on their mind from logical investigations into what went wrong and why. Sometimes a relationship can be salvaged and it can always be improved, whether that is together or apart. The thought-provoking chapters encourage the reader to take responsibility for where they find themselves and help the reader to gain clarity, and build self-confidence (not only as an individual but in their capacity to be part of a successful couple in the future too).
How to Get Over Your Ex: Finding Your Path to Heal, Build Confidence and Move On After a Breakup is a journey to a better place; out of the dark torture of relationship and into the sunshine of new possibilities. All you need to do is take the first step. Just a small click, and leave the rest to Eric.

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