Friday, June 20, 2014

A Hermit's Howl

Meet Walter Ownbey... the biggest prick you'll ever like.

Welcome to the world of Walt Ownbey, a thirty-something recluse who lives in the New Hampshire outback. He lives in a tree house. He drives a vehicle that runs on vegetable oil. He has an Ivy League education. He is articulate and decent looking. And he has all of the social grace of a bull in a china shop.

In a politically correct 21st century world, Walt doesn't discriminate--he hates everybody equally! The ultimate pest, he hates conservatives and liberals, CEO's and unions, bankers and treehuggers. He lives for ruining public events, whether it's a beauty pageant, a Star Wars convention, an anglers' tournament, a gay pride parade, or a bratwurst eating contest.

A Hermit's Howl uses the darkest of humor to depict an outsider who refuses to come to terms with the country he once idolized... but will keep trying.


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