Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The Great Pyramid at Giza has enamored the world for thousands of years and still, after all that time, exudes as much mystery and retains as many secrets within its architecture, as it ever has. How is it possible that with all of our advancements in science and technology that the secrets of the pyramid continue to elude the scholars and experts, even today? Real answers to questions continue to go unanswered. Buy why? Is it possible that the truth about many aspects of the Great Pyramid is not yet understood because the researchers continue to use an improper context? Watch the video and read the fascinating new book 'Pyranosis: Forbidden Secrets of Genetics, Israel, Eden and the Great Pyramid Revealed' and finally learn answers that prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is indeed the case. Discover what the world has never known by going to

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