Sunday, June 29, 2014

Linkage: Narrows of Time Book One

Free Today: Linkage: Book 1 in the Narrows of Time Series:

Drew Ramsay’s legs are crushed but not his spirit despite a swarm of energy domes ravaging the surface of planet Earth. Millions are dead. The world is in chaos and his failed anti-gravity experiment may be the cause. With the help of his devoted foster brother, Lucas, the Ramsay brothers scramble to devise an ingenious plan to stop the annihilation of the human race, but soon learn that they’ve been maneuvered into the middle of a much larger saga--one where reality is measured on a sliding scale.

Nothing is as it appears to be, challenging their faith in science and each other. Will they live long enough to deploy their plan and save humanity, or will they surrender to certain death along with everyone else?

Beneath a riveting plot that will hold you in fascination is a fast-paced Sci-Fi thriller that will keep you reeling in anticipation.

Witness the tragedy and the triumph of the human spirit that is the story of . . . Linkage. Book #1 in the Narrows of Time Series.

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