Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Essential Guide to Sex Toys

The Essential Guide to Sex Toys by Jessica Howe

Do you know using sex toys releases feel-good hormones proven to boost your mood, lower stress and improve your health?
Today’s decadent devices offer earth-shatteringly intense orgasms every day, every way, in the comfort and privacy of our own homes. Orgasmic pleasure – be it G-spot, clitoral or blended – is ours at the touch of a button.
But whilst half of all women now own some kind of sex toy, most of us still feel too embarrassed to ask our friends for recommendations.
But which toys will truly take you to Climax Central? Is it true some vibrators are toxic? How much should you spend? And where in the world does your average non-chandelier-swinging person start with this stuff?
Whether you’re flying solo or want to spice up your marriage, help is at hand from Amazon best-selling sex book author Jessica Howe, whose new guide reveals the most pleasure-enhancing toys on the planet.
Welcome to the new definitive guide to choosing stress busting sex toys that boost your health, increase your bedroom confidence – and take you to heady heights of sensual pleasure.
The most mind-blowing sexual pleasure of your life is just a click away…
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