Saturday, June 14, 2014

Testament to Truth

This is beyond a book. This odyssey will take your mind on a voyage in which your soul will discover its own truth.

Testament to Truth: Memoirs of a Life Odyssey (324 pp w/over 75 original full-color photos, electronic form on Amazon, $3.99) comes within the realistic form of a book, but the true nature of it will be felt by each and every person who touches it. It is an experience of courage and faith and comes alive as a mirror for the reflection of your own truth. This is for everyone, regardless of where you are at in life.

The narrative manifested through a person who encountered a unique path, yet she never touched on the thought of inscribing it. Nevertheless, ‘divine intervention’ knocked at the door so others could open themselves to discover, accept, and embrace their own truth, fulfill their potential on the map of life. In each vignette, you will discover a familiar life-force, moving you through a series of moments that will reawaken what is beyond your reality.

When a person reads Testament to Truth: Memoirs of a LifeOdyssey, they find themselves standing in the doorway, watching their life unfold in the mirror provided. One can learn, be touched, and grow from such raw honesty. It still leaves one traveling on this journey even when the pages end. The publication is currently found at Amazon in electronic form for All computer devices.

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